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First and foremost, I must thank Andrea for finding me employment and believing in me. I must identify her utmost interest in finding her candidates the perfect job fits their qualification and experience. These are some points I admire about her and that makes her this awesome and incredible Personnel, and did not experience this from out Agencies. Andrea is amazing at her job and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone that needs help finding employment. I was with other Head hunters for over 4 months and they could not locate employment for me.  It took Andrea just a few days to find employment for me !

– Tara

This was my first experience in dealing with recruitment agencies & let me tell you, none of them come close to what Prestige recruitment has to offer.  They really do work for you, as well as the employers they represent.  They are really nice people & they know what they are talking about.  They will be my first & only call to an agency if ever I am looking for a new position.  Andrea & Nadia you are really fantastic !  I love my new job ! Thank you.

– Laura

Let me take a moment to boast about Venessa – she has been so wonderful and enthusiastic with this application, her confidence in me made me feel comfortable in making this big jump! She has been alongside me every step of the way, and I can’t explain how much I have appreciated her!

– Leanne

I would like to thank Venessa for meeting with me and making me feel at home during our interview to discuss future career possibilities as a Senior Fashion Designer.

I was very impressed by Venessa’s interest in me, taking down every piece of information about my experience and qualifications as a Fashion Designer / Merchandiser / Graphic Artist / Art director. No one from any other agency has done this except to jot down my salary expectations. I do believe I am finally dealing with the right person and agency and will surely recommend Venessa and Prestige to others.

– Mike

This was my first time working with Prestige Recruitment, and I must say, they truly have an immense amount of qualifications that set them apart from other recruitment agencies. More specifically, Andrea Berish, was the best recruitment consultant I have ever worked with!  She provided exceptional guidance throughout each stage of the recruitment process- honest, truly open communication and an endless amount of support.  Andrea’s incredible personality and professionalism aided in finding the perfect job that fit my qualifications on every level. I highly recommend Andrea and the Prestige team!

– Samantha

I have dealt with few recruiters before and they all had left me with a bitter memory.
When Andrea reached out to me, I thought she was the same as the previous ones I’ve met.
Luckily, I decided to meet her and I have no regret!
Andrea is very professional and genuine. I sincerely feel I am in good hands with her as she took the time to get to know my background, my needs, and my ambitions.
Maybe its luck, but after meeting her, she came up with a few companies she felt I might be a match for. Shortly after, she managed to obtain an interview for me.
Wait no more, reach out to her!

– Janet

Nadia was great to work with. She was always very professional and positive when talking to me about Job offers. She always spoke highly about the clients she presented to me making it very hard to turn down an interview. I felt like I could trust Nadia from the first time we spoke over the phone. She was always very understanding with what my requirements were when searching for a job and respected them the whole way to the end. She has connected me to a great opportunity that I am looking forward to starting! I would recommend her to anyone that is searching for candidates or searching for employment. 

– Rula, Montreal

Nadia played a pivotal role in getting my career to where I wanted it to go. She took the time to understand who I was, what I had accomplished, and what I was looking for career wise. After learning all about me, she introduced me to my current employer, as the match was perfect in terms of the organization’s needs and my skill set and goals. So here you have a very real life example of Nadia’s talent. She gets to know her clients, be they individuals or organizations; she puts the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and the result is happy people and prosperous organizations. As an individual I would trust my career path to her; as an organization I would highly recommend using her services. She’s one of the best at what she does!

– Perrin, Montreal

Nadia was amazing to work with, she was attentive to my needs and very trustworthy. Right from the first meeting, she was extremely genuine and gave me great advice. I truly felt her sincerity in wanting to help me find a job, where my experience, worth and personality would be the right match. Finding the right one is not easy, but Nadia was always there to assure me and motivate me to stay positive and that i’d find it. She was always professional but at the same time kind and very human. Now thanks to her i am taking the next step in my career. She is wonderful and i highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for work or a new opportunity. Thank you Nadia you’re the best! 

– Judith, Montreal

Nadia operates at a level that both clients and candidates dream of. 
She brings together client and candidate needs on a holistic and strategic level through her business acumen and finely tuned personal skills. She is able to cut through with her objectivity to quickly fine tune the prerequisites of a position and move immediately to the cultural and corporate fit. To coin a phrase, Nadia gets it! 
Nadia is not only very well connected but is actively involved with her clientele. She always participates in the important events and milestones and can therefore speak with authority and credibility like no other. In the end, integrity is what sets people apart. Nadia is not only able to capture the big picture, but is both a personable and reliable business partner. She has an attention to detail and follow up that is well appreciated and ensures that her mandates are filled, not only with the best fit, but in a manner that all parties are extremely satisfied with the outcome. As a client or a candidate, I would highly recommend Nadia. 

– Rita, Montreal

I wanted to inform you that the service I received from Nadia, was the most pleasant and sincere. Nadia has a very warm approach and truly listens to your needs. She is very professional and ‘works’ for you. She has the ability to match you with a company that is most suitable for you. Having worked with a few recruiting companies, I can vouch that Nadia’s service is outstanding! I will definitely refer Nadia in the future.

– Marie, Montreal

I wanted to thank you and say that I appreciate all the time and effort spent on me, even if it brought you absolutely nothing back. Good on you for being such a pleasant and trustworthy person. You’re way at the top of my list if anyone needs a job! Now that I’m a manager there, I hope to be able to use your services to recruit my team.

– Tanya, Montreal

I wanted to send a big thank you to the team at Prestige! I can hands-down say, Prestige is the best agency in the city and I truly appreciate all the time that has been given to me. I will definitely be reaching out in the future should I be seeking a new opportunity.

– Jenna, Montreal

From working with Nadia, you will get efficiency, an excellent understanding of your business needs, quick and constant follow-ups. Very professional, she offers a great customer service experience.  Nadia is an amazing business partner.

– Marie-Claude, Montreal

Nadia was very attentive to my needs and what I was looking for in the next step in my career. She took the time to discuss every detail and get to know exactly what I was looking for so that she could recommend employers most suited to my skill set, goals and personality. Extremely professional and a pleasure to work with, Nadia always kept me informed during every step of the recruitment and interview process.

– Linda, Montreal

Nadia was instrumental in connecting me to a great opportunity and company enabling me to further my career. She is a professional that manages her cases with discretion, by being highly informative while always respectful and very approachable. I will not hesitate to recommend Nadia Signore to a company or a candidate.

– Elizabeth, Montreal

I was looking for a new opportunity, growth and respect of my work in my career! I went to Prestige and they understood my potential, they suggested a few interviews and I finally found my ideal job in a nice company and environment. Prestige will be part of my immediate and future success. I would like to mention Nadia, who understands me and found a perfect company for my needs and career goals. Thanks to all, for your support – it was a real pleasure to work with you!

– Stephanie, Montreal

“Working with Prestige is an absolute pleasure. The team really listened to what I was looking for as a job-seeker and cared about finding the perfect match for my interests. I would recommend Prestige to anyone who is looking for a job!”

– Jenna, Montreal

“I was deeply impressed with Jennifer`s hard work and professional attitude and high efficiency in helping me find the right position in the right company. Any one will be lucky to have Jeniffer as a Recruiter. I come with heartfelt recommendation to Jennifer.” 

– Guang, Montreal

“I would like to thank you with all your help! Prestige has been very professional and you made the process very comfortable right from our first meeting.” 

– Kailey, Montreal